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business introduction
chengdu ruike technology co. ltd is a private technology company founded in 2001. headquartered in chengdu city, sichuan province. the main business of chengdu ruike technology co. ltd. is a wireless data communication products. chengdu realcode technology co., ltd. based on the chengdu university of electronic science and technology of technological strength and talent platform, in recent years in wireless data communication products areas of rapid development, has established offices in beijing, shanghai, nanjing, guangzhou, taiyuan and other. today, chengdu realcode technology co., ltd. has been among the leading wireless data communications products supplier, industry terminal solution provider. now chengdu realcode technology co., ltd. is the independent research and development of 3g / 4g wireless data communications products, network authentication server in finance and insurance, petroleum chemical industry, electric power, hydrology, meteorology, environmental protection, transportation, coal, tobacco, vehicle management, network monitoring and many other industries are widely used. customers extend to more than 10 countries and regions in the world. chengdu ruike technology co. ltd. has formed its own unique corporate culture in the development process be conscientious and do one's best.
1) responsibility: each career rock performed by a person, have a strong sense of responsibility throughout, shall seek to begin well and end well.
2) commitment: "promises", ruike people know that honesty but the conduct of the country, every promise ruike are a solemn compact.
3) execution excellence: "resolute", when the executive pay attention to the effect. we firmly believe that "must be effective" people can be called excellent execution.
4) innovation: innovation is the motive force for the company to continue moving forward, ruike does not lack is forward-looking vision, innovative strength and courage the courage of the people first. the company's vision: wireless communications leader, technology innovation, industry, and beyond the end of the industry.
company address: chenghua district city, chengdu huahan road 89, 6 floor of building 8.
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